Samuari Bushido Program



Do you show the these key traits?
Integrity, Focus, Respect, Perseverance, Loyalty, Self Control and Self Discipline

Would you like to be apart of our program? 

Our workshops will give you or your child skills in understanding how to use and understand these traits, which they will use in everyday life. The goal we set for ourselves, is to set them up with the mindset to become self sufficient and build a successful life.


Why would I want be a part of the program?

  • Special uniform consisting of white gi top and black pants.


  • Receive access to our online membership database so you can check your attendance and progress.
  • Special training days for members.
  • Special grading for members.
  • Extra grading every year.
  • Free commitment program.
  • Free access to online video database. 
  • Become a role model for other students (leadership)

Who can qualify?

To qualify a student must have you been training at Martial Arts Queensland in our Japanese Jujitsu program for more than 12 months and have approval from the panel of black belts before membership is granted.

How do I get approval from my instructor?

The instructor is evaluating each student in several areas:

  • Attendance and making up absences when they occur.
  • Uniforms are clean and ironed a high level of personal presentation.
  • Prepared to commit to training more than 1 day per week and attend special black belt only training sessions.
  • Attending gradings when scheduled.
  • Demonstrates a high interest in Jujitsu.
  • Demonstrates good attitude in class, at home and toward others.
  • Has good reports on conduct and attitude from parents & teachers. Supports school functions.
  • Is practicing goal setting and has set a long term goal to be a Black Belt.
  • Has full support from parents.

If you think this program would like to be a part of this program please fill out the form below and your coach will call you.

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