Black Belt Papers


Wayne Graieg’s Journey Wayne Graieg 31/10/20

The Role of Uke in Self Defence Wayne Graieg 31/10/20

The importance of ground work for self defence Scott Gist 31/10/20

My Journey  Llewellyn Jones 31/10/20

Principles of Jujitsu Alex Fitzwater 31/10/20

Teachers and the Martial Arts Journey Alex Fitzwater 31/10/20

My Journey Nicholas Miles 29/10/20

Balance Nicholas Miles 29/10/20

My Martial Arts Journey Elliot Tonkes, 22/10/20

Tonkes Essay The importance of droppoing weight Elliot Tonkes 22/10/20

Martial Arts Journey Jean-Pierre Cavalerie 22/10/20

Simple, Effective, Surprise Jean-Pierre Cavalerie 22/10/20

Fight like a girl Laren Davie 14/10/20

Black Belt Traits and My Development Lauren Davie 14/10/20

How Martial Arts Has Enhanced My Life and Why I Want to Be a Blackbelt –  Naomi Stekelenburg 05/05/20

Martial Arts and the Art of Leadership – John Searls 08/11/18

Martial arts and Character Development Arvin Atmadja 08/11/18

My journey John Cavelerie 08/11/18

The Jujutsuka as Scientist and Artist Rohit Biswas 23/11/12

The Evolution from Martial Arts to Self Defence Jeremy Juhas 23/11/12

Anatomy and Physiology of Vascular Neck Restraint Holds Richard Miles 12/12/13

self defence and the mature age student Mark Villima 25/08/14

Ki as it relates to Martial Arts Andrew Mackie Smith 25/08/14

How Does Jujitsu Change Your Brain? Susan Zhang 25-08/14