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Badges are another way of recognising the achievement of students who have learnt a new skill.

To earn your badges you will have to research and study the material for that particular badge. At the end of the research time you will be required to sit a written and or practical test. Only one badge can be studied for at a time. These badges are to be sewn onto the left sleeve of your uniform. Most exams will be multiple choice, of around 20 questions to pass students must get 75% correct. If a student does not pass they will be able to redo the exam.

Course cost is $50.00 this fee covers all six modules and cloth badges, all students must complete the program before black belt.

If the Students wishes to do only one module e.g. Anatomy they can do this for $20.00

You can study in your own time or you can book in for the study session we hold on the first Saturday of each month at our Jamboree Heights academy

Program will run on a monthly basis e.g. Month of August History


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