Kids Kickboxing

Kids KickboxingKids Kickboxing Brisbane and Kids Muay Thai Brisbane

Our Kids Kickboxing program is designed to give your child the basic skills of stand up fighting, without the sparring or heavy contact. This class will help develop confidence, self defence skills and discipline for your child while still being fun.

The class will focus on teaching skills such as footwork, punching, kicking and knee strikes, through the use of focus pads and bag work in a fun and safe environment.

Kids of all experience levels, aged 6  and up, are welcome to come along and try out the class to see what they think. An experienced, professional coach runs the session to ensure your child gets the most out of the class. For more information about our coaching team click here.

This is also great exercise for kids to help with their cardio, strength and agility. We offer a one week free trial in this class to both new and existing members.

Our classes help:

. Build Confidence
. Develop Co-ordination
. Teach Self Defense
. Improve Fitness

This class is a great compliment to our kids BJJ or kids Jujitsu class.

MAQLD Kickboxing is based primarily on Sport Kickboxing and on Muay Thai. As your kids get older they are able to transition into our adults kickboxing and use the skills they have learnt in this class as a foundation.

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