Kids Self Defence

Kids Self Defence

As a parent you prepare your kids for school the best you can everyday. But what do you do about developing the confidence to ask and answer questions? What about the self-control it takes for your child to raise their hand in school? How about the discipline to focus, concentrate, and learn at their maximum potential? Are these traits being adequately developed at school?

You can be sure that these traits and more will be developed at Martial Arts Queensland.

Our Dad says it’s about discipline
Our Mum says it’s about self defence

We say it’s fun!

Kids Self Defence


Immersed in a powerfully positive environment, setting up your kids with a Martial Arts Queensland program is setting them up for success.

More than just self-defence and martial arts techniques, your child will learn important life skills, how to focus for maximum achievement, and build the confidence and discipline required to reach their full potential. The amazing part is that they love it! Our classes are fun, exciting and make learning a great activity, rather than a chore. We are able to provide what no one else can – Traditional values in an irresistible package.

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