Staff Meeting 27/01/15

1. Set goals for staff personal or professional.
2. Brand we are the MAQLD brand what we do is the brand and its success is based on what we do when we interact with students and staff.
Be at work 15 min early to iron uniforms etc.

we expect our students to be here early and we need to show our students that we have self-discipline. If you cant be here on time you need to think whether you want to be here or not.
3. Ironing lesson
4. Set examples for all students
5. Start training in all classes at least 30% in each class not more standing around and coaching.
6. Shaving not neg
7. Fire evacuation on the staff resource page
8. Heat training on the staff resource page
9. Trust if we can’t trust you its very hard to work.
10.Washing of staff uniforms everyday as per closing procedure
11. Roles must be filled out in every class no exceptions.
12. Rosters are not negotiable unless your call me to change the times.
13. Time sheets must be filled in daily not weekly. Trying to get this online.

Things to do!
Organise 10 special black belt only training sessions
3 Qld Opens
Grading dates
Holiday clinic dates
Knife seminar
Krav Maga seminar
4 Assistant instructor training days
Writing 4 trials on a role is useless we need names so we know when to sign people up.
Sarah is our new front desk person, please introduce yourself.