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Updated 28/08/19

Mission statement

Martial Arts Queensland is committed to providing the opportunity for all to achieve optimal well-being, fitness and personal focus through the pursuit of excellence in the Martial Arts. We also aim to produce quality Black belts who demonstrate technical excellence, possess superior fitness and who are role models for others.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the martial arts community for developing and delivering the highest quality of services and to produce competent, well-trained martial artists.


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Integrity in the Workplace

  • Work when you are supposed to and save socialising, snacking, searching the Internet and personal phone calls for break time.
  • Show respect to coworkers with appropriate conversation and empathy.
  • If you are in management, keep your employees informed so they will know what is coming and what needs to be done.
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Be responsible. Do what you say you will do.
  • Use materials for work and not personal use.
  • If you make a mistake and a team’s project gets messed up or you miss a deadline, own up to your mistake. Don’t let teammates take the fall.
  • Work together as a team. This builds trust and shows integrity.
  • Never steal supplies from the workplace.
  • If you find yourself in a conflict of interest, get out of it as soon as possible.
  • Don’t accept praise of acclaim for someone else’s work. That includes stealing someone’s idea or pretending to have worked on a successful project.

There are two important parts to defining a goal:

  1. Make your goal specific. Goals should be measurable and have an end point.
  2. Make your goals realistic. Taking on challenges can be really motivating, but don’t set yourself up to fail. If you’re not sure if your goal is realistic, talk to someone you trust about it.

This was written for the military but we are a military system and so much of it rings true for us as coaches, we are leaders/officers.

1. Motivation – Funny place to start, but it’s amazing what your excitement can do for a class. Make enthusiasm a habit and you’ll be easier to follow – if you come up short on the real thing, sometimes you just gotta fake it ’til ya make it.

2. Bias for Action – Stress and time constraints force decisions, and action with an 80 percent solution is almost always better than doing nothing.

3. Command Presence – You can’t lead from behind or lead a team that can’t hear you, so get in front, know your shit, and be heard.

4. Loyalty and pride in your mission makes the difference between punching out after a half-assed job and a job well-done no matter how long it takes. If you don’t have any pride, your students won’t either.

5. Fair Discipline –  you’re the boss. It only takes once to learn fair discipline garners respect from subordinates, peers, and superiors alike. Unfair discipline will cut your days as a leader short.

6. Second and Third Order Effects – Bias for action needs to be tempered by understanding the impact of decisions. This helps you avoid spending all your time undoing what you just did.

7. Credit When it’s Right, Responsibility When it’s Not – If it’s a grand slam, all credit goes to the team. If it’s FUBAR, brace yourself and take the beating, then work with the team to fix it.

8. Team First – A leader that stands alone already failed. Always put your team first, and you’ll be happy where you finish.

9. Accountability – How many do you have, where are they, what condition are they in? Whether you’re accountable for a simple task list, a department, a customer base, a fleet of equipment, or 1,000 employees, knowing the answer to these three questions at all times will help keep you in the lead.

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