Customer Survey



We are always looking for new initiatives so we are asking for feedback and suggestions on how we can grow and improve our Academy.

Please complete this simple survey, the survey is anonymous, but you may choose to provide your name. For those of you who do put your name on this short survey.

We welcome the feedback as we want to improve our level of service to you. At the same time we want to grow our academy and we welcome comments and suggestions on how to achieve this. Thanks again for your support

Matthew & Angelique Cugola


About this survey

Survey questions will be measured from 0-5 (0 is poor 5 is fantastic). All you need to do is tick the box that you think relates to our performance and if applicable, make a few comments on what we are doing well or how we can improve. ALL feedback will be kept confidential and will only be viewed by MAQLD management, so please feel free to provide your honest and genuine comments.


    Your Name (optional)

    Which Academy do you train at?

    How many times do you train per week?

    How many years have you been a member?

    On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate the quality of our instructors?

    How would you rate the quality of our customer service at MAQLD?

    By participating in our classes, have you or your child developed, improved confidence in dealing with non-verbal, verbal or physical attacks?

    Would you (or have you) recommended MAQLD to your friends or family?

    What is the main reason(s) you (or your child) receive training from MAQLD? Please check the top three reasons.

    To improve self confidenceTo improve fitnessTo lose weightTo learn how to defend yourselfTo make friendsTo competeTo achieve new skillsTo get gradedTo have fun

    What are 1-2 things we can do at MAQLD to improve our level of instruction or level of service to you or your child over the next 12 months?

    Car-parking at Toowong
    We are seeking input and idea’s on how to alleviate possible parking issues and would like feedback on solutions that have been considered. Your input on these would be appreciated.

    Would you consider using another Toowong site within 5-8 minutes drive from our current full time academy?

    If we introduced a drop off zone between 3-5pm Monday to Thursday, and had an instructor to meet and greet your child at the gate, would you be comfortable dropping them off and parking your car.

    If we dropped the time of our classes by 10 min (eg. 50 min each) to allow for a turnaround between classes, would you consider this ?

    Do you have any other suggestions or comments on how we may respond to this car-park situation?

    Do you have any other suggestions or comments you would like to share with us?