Women’s BJJ Classes

Women’s BJJ

Women's BJJ Classes - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 Thursday night at 7.30pm with Natalia and Robyn

Women’s BJJ is our very own Female-only BJJ class run by female coaches. 

Would you love to try BJJ but don’t want to be out-weighed, out-muscled, or out-sweated?
Women of all ages and fitness levels can learn from female coaches in a safe, female-only class.
Come along and find out why Women’s BJJ appeals to so many women. We offer a one week free trial so you can see the class for yourself. 
Our facility has a women’s only bathroom and changing area available as well as a shower, water bubbler and kitchen.
Martial Arts Queensland is an active club within the Australian Girls in Gi community sending some of our students to their camps.  Photos are available on our flickr page here.
For our mixed gender BJJ please click here.

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