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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ and No-Gi BJJ are combat sports that focus on grappling and especially ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position and using joint-locks and chokeholds to force an opponent to submit

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a full body workout. Many of our students enroll in kickboxing to keep fit. The classes also help  improve your cardiovascular system, tone your muscles, increase flexibility and also improve coordination. 

Self Defence Jujitsu

Japanese Jujitsu is an ancient martial art based around 5 principals: Balance, Redirection, Ki, Circles and Water. Within Japanese Jujitsu we focus on self defence not on competition or sporting aspects like a lot of martial arts.

Kids & Teens Classes

We offer a range of Kids & Teens classes in our various styles. Have a look at our timetable to see when the different classes are available.

Martial Arts Queensland

Our friendly and experienced team are well versed in making all members (big or small) feel welcome so they can get into the group quickly to start learning straight away. We teach a fun, balanced style that helps you grow physically and mentally while meeting great new people too.

Our full-time academies are centrally located in Toowong and Jamboree Heights Brisbane. We also have part-time academies in Wavell Heights, Keperra, Kenmore, Mt Crosby and The Gap.


Start your free week worth of classes to experience the different styles we have on offer and get to know our staff and coaches.

Adam HarmAdam Harm
23:35 29 Jun 22
My boys aged 9 and 8 started here recently and have had an amazing experience so far. They love going. The instructors are fantastic with children and very welcoming. I would thoroughly recommend them to everyone.
11:10 11 May 22
This is an amazing place with phenomenal coaches. They teach our children to believe in themselves, to help others, to be respectful, honest, hard working and with dedication to always give their best. We are so impressed as parents and it’s consistently this way … it never changes. You are always greeted and made to feel welcome with a wonderful community vibe. Our children have both gained confidence in speaking up and using their voice after coming here and it’s only our first year but we are here to stay. Thank you so much, we can’t recommend Martial Arts Queensland highly enough!
Su-Ann TanSu-Ann Tan
04:32 05 May 22
My 4yo has been attending Martial Arts Queensland's Little Warriors program (3-7 year olds). She loves every minute of it - has a lot of fun, gets a good workout, and gets to meet new friends. I walk away always impressed. The instructors balance firmness with the kids, instilling the importance of respect and discipline, while keeping the classes really positive and fun. I especially appreciate the focus on introducing the kids to self-defense and stranger danger. I highly recommend them!
Jan GuilbertJan Guilbert
22:08 22 Feb 22
Started with 1 child on the mat in 2014 and now have 2. Both girls just love it! Their self confidence is remarkable. Martial arts Queensland is like a big family! I highly recommend any child or adult to do classes! The staff are all awesome! A big thank you to Sensai Shane, he believes in every single student he has and is so supportive and encouraging!
Randomweeb xRandomweeb x
01:04 22 Feb 22
I can't even thank enough for the quality of the training and their effort. In a class with a mix of age groups from kids to adults, it's extremely hard to keep everybody happy and encouraged to come happily for the next training session.One of the best experiences my daughter had in the last four years.Thank you Martial Arts Queensland.
Jay BuchanJay Buchan
00:37 22 Feb 22
Excellent trainers, great facility. Good mixture of fun and serious training, technique, practical and theory/philosophy mixed in. Great for all levels
Katie CroftKatie Croft
00:34 22 Feb 22
We love Sensai Rob and the team at Martial Arts Queensland. The skills and confidence it helps with are amazing.
10:23 16 Nov 21
Very good for young kids. Dedicated, sincere and focussed teachers.
Daniel RidleyDaniel Ridley
03:06 22 Aug 21
Excellent place for the best kids birthday party!!!
irfan ahmedirfan ahmed
09:17 29 Jun 21
It’s excellent place for martial arts. My little one is going around 1 years for warrior program. The way they treat and teach the kids are outstanding. Very happy with our decision to join our little one

Birthday Parties

At Martial Arts Queensland, we want kids to have a great time on their birthday.
We provide a group Martial Arts Lesson for all who attend the party.

This is a fun-filled class with the Birthday Party Child being the Star of the Show.

Martial Art Classes

Martial Arts Queensland offers a wide rage of adults & kids classes including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Self Defence Jujitsu. All of our coaches hold blue cards and coaching accreditation.

We have a motto at MAQLD:

“Red-faced learn something in every class and have fun.”


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