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Commitment Program

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*Click each of the badges for the desired study material.

The Program is made up of 6 topics:

      • Anatomy
      • Etiquette
      • First Aid
      • History
      • Law
      • Pressure Points

Each topic has a paper which students read and learn. Once the student has studied the paper they undertake a written test. 90% of all the exams are made up of multiple choice questions.

NB: Some of the papers are based around traditional thoughts and beliefs of martial artists not necessarily what is used in today society, an example of this is the first aid.

When you are ready to do the exam.

When you are ready to undertake the exam you can either see the reception desk and ask them for a paper. You will need to find a quiet spot where possible and complete the paper, hand this back to reception upon completion to be marked. It may not be marked straight away, you may have to be patient until your next visit to find out your result (patients is a good black belt quality).

Alternatively you can email the office info@maqld.com and let us know that you are ready to do the test and we will advise your instructor to give you the paper next time you are in.

If either of those options don’t suit you email the office info@maqld.com and we can send you a link to an online quiz to fill out instead.

Commonly Asked Questions

The two ways to complete this program are; on your own allowing you to do it as fast as you like or come and spend an hour once a month with us and we will work through it with you.


9 Maryvale Street, Toowong


First Saturday of the month. From 1pm (bookings essential email info@maqld.com)

What will be taught?

Each month a different badge will be covered. Check our website in
the members area to find out which badge is on this month.

For Younger participants?

The program was designed to increase students knowledge. If you have a younger child
who is keen to undertake this program, we would probably suggest that the parent would
need to be greatly involved in the process. The parent would need to read the papers with their child and interpret the information, where needed, into a language that they would understand. Once the parent is comfortable that the child knows the information, they can then request to do the exam. The parent may need to assist in this process also. The parent would help the child to interpret the question, not answer it for them, just help them understand the question. The program is about learning.

Is there a Certain Order the papers must be completed?

No, you can complete the papers in any order you like.

Is completing the program required as part of my Black Belt journey

Once a student has reached brown belt level, as part of the final exam for Black Belt, which has a number of components, the Commitment Program is one of them and must be completed. You can however complete it earlier than Brown so it is one less thing to study for at this level.

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