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Martial Arts Queensland is a full time professional martial arts academy that was started by Matthew & Angelique Cugola in  January 2005 .

Family owned and operated by Matthew and Angelique.  Matthew is the head instructor and Angelique does all the back administration tasks.  They have 5 kids (13,10,4 and twin 3 year olds) all of whom do classes at Martial Arts Queensland.  Martial Arts Queensland currently have 7 full time instructors, 5 part time and 2 school based trainees plus our admin staff.  This is what we do, our instructors teach martial arts for a living and they live and breathe what they do.

At Martial Arts Queensland our main focus is the enhancement of your physical skills and abilities. We do this by teaching modern scientific principles of health, fitness and human movement. Training with Martial Arts Queensland will increase you or your child’s: standing and seated posture, coordination, discipline, agility and relations with others.

Our programmes will guide you or your child towards greater confidence and discipline as they improve their balance, flexibility and stability in a structured yet open minded environment.

During the training process, we follow a structured program that will provide a foundation in the martial arts and guide you or your child to success. At Martial Arts Queensland you or your child will gain experience at how to make the safest possible choices when responding to non-verbal, verbal and physical attacks.

Martial Arts Queensland using proven techniques for self defence, practical fear management and formation of a successful attitude in our students for effective, safe, real Self-Defence.


We offer many different styles of martial arts including;

Jujitsu – Main focus is self defence and fitness.

Warriors (3-7 years) Main focus is self defence and fitness in a fun environment

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Grappling combat sport for competition and fun.

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- Grappling combat sport for competition and fun.

Kids Kickboxing – A striking martial art using hands, feet, elbows etc. standing up.

Kickboxing A striking martial art using hands, feet, elbows etc. standing up.