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Ronin Ryu Jujitsu / Self Defence

Japanese Jujitsu is an ancient martial art based around 5 principals: Balance, Redirection, Ki, Circles and Water.

The style of Japanese Jujitsu we study at Martial Arts Queensland is called Ronin Ryu Jujitsu loosely translated to School of the Masterless Warrior.

Within Japanese Jujitsu we focus on self defence not on competition or sporting aspects like a lot of martial arts.

Why should you train Self-Defense Jujitsu

Martial Arts are often misunderstood and many think that self-defence is its only benefit. This could not be further from the truth. It is precisely the emphasis on realistic and efficient techniques that allow Martial Arts to offer its practitioners so much more.  Studying the Martial Arts will develop “mind, body and spirit,” instill self-confidence, build discipline and deliver various other physical and mental benefits.

Most importantly, learning Martial Arts assists you to learn patience and tolerance of others. If you are ever involved in a confrontation on the street, the worst possible outcome is escalation into a physical altercation. Martial Arts practitioners can be confident in their ability to handle virtually any aspect of a real situation; this allows them to behave in a calm and rational manner.

Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu Community

Martial Arts Queensland is a proud member the Kyushin Ryu Jujitsu community in the Brisbane area, as well being a member of the Australia Jujitsu Federation.

Our Japanese Jujitsu classes are taught by some of the most experienced coaches in Brisbane. To learn more about our coaching team and their history take a look at our Meet the Team page.


Minehiko Nakano

Jim Stackpoole (Current Head of Kyushin Ryu)

Matthew Cugola (Head of Ronin Ryu)

Robert Dupont – Richard Miles – Andrew Mackie-Smith


Kyushin Ryu School of Jujitsu

Australian Jujitsu Federation

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