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Ronin Ryu Jujitsu

Jujitsu is an ancient Japanese martial art used by the Samurai. Ronin Ryu Jujitsu is a version of Japanese Jujitsu modified to be used in the modern day for self defence. The principles of Jujitsu: balance, redirection, circles, water and ki underpin everything that we do. The main purpose of the system is to be able to defend yourself whilst causing as little injury as possible to the person attacking you.

Our style of Japanese Jujitsu classes focus on pure self defence and fitness. We teach 4 different types of techniques- light, controlling, hard and artform. Let us explain them.

  1. Light – With the use of simple escape and pressure points we disengage and step away from the aggressor.
  2. Controlling – We use restraint holds to immobilise the aggressor either standing or on the ground.
  3. Hard – this category is for when you are in serious trouble. Target areas include eyes throat groin etc. we continue to strike until we can return to the controlling techniques.
  4. Artform – a great technique to learn the art of Jujitsu but would not be our first choice as a self defence technique.

4 different types of techniques in Ronin Ryu Jujitsu

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