First Aid Exam

    What is the Japanese name for First Aid?

    When checking for a broken bone by flicking or lightly striking the limb, which system of the body reacts if the bone is broken?

    What is the emergency phone number for the Ambulance?

    Which of the following is not a heat exhaustion sign or symptom?

    When someone is suspected of a spinal injury which one of these must you never do?

    What should the first action taken when an injury has occurred in the dojo?

    What is first aid?

    When someone is suspected of heat exhaustion which one of these must you never do?

    The carotid artery is located on either side of the windpipe?

    You can stop a bleeding nose by pinching the nose and striking lightly to the back of the neck?

    The acronym for Circulator Pulmonary Resuscitation is (CPR)?

    When applying first aid your first thought must be for your own safety?

    ICEPACKS (cold compress) wrapped in a wet cloth may be applied to the injury for 30 minutes, every 4 hours for 48 hour, then for 30 minutes every 8 hours for 48 hours?