History Exam

    Who is Sensei Matthew's instructor?

    Who is the president of the Australian Jujitsu Federation?

    When was Jujitsu Formulated?

    What year did Jujitsu come to Queensland?

    Who brought Jujitsu to Australia?

    What year did Judo commence?

    Who was the founder of Judo?

    The name Ju-Jutsu or Yawara (flexible) first started to be used around what century?

    At the bottom of this page is a picture, who is the person in the picture?

    What type of weapon is used in sport Aikido?

    What is a Kata?

    Early Jujitsuans learned how to use swords?

    The early years of Jujitsu were very unguarded, each family or province openly shared their own style, passing down these techniques to any person who was interested in Jujitsu and combat?

    When World War 2 ended, the allied forces occupying Japan, placed a ban on all forms of martial arts training?

    Jujitsu in Judo clubs often takes the form of Kata. Here pre-arranged sequences of movements and techniques are performed with the co-operation of a partner. It is rehearsed, like play acting?

    In 1978 Jim Stackpoole lived in Japan studying Jujitsu as a traditional Japanese?

    What Rank is Sensei Matthew in Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

    Jujitsu techniques were originally designed for people wearing armour?

    The Australian Jujitsu Federation provides representation throughout Australia for only traditional styles of Jujitsu or koryu (old styles, schools or traditions)?

    The Australian Ju-jitsu Federation (AJF) through the Australian Sports Commission is the only recognized Australian Government body for Jujitsu?