Kickboxing for fun and fitness

Kickboxing is a form of sport fighting using striking and occasionally light standing grapples. Our kickboxing classes can be practised as a martial art, as a fitness class or as a full contact sport. All classes are suitable for men and women (see our timetable for times and locations around Brisbane).

Freestyle Kickboxing is primarily a combination of Muay Thai, Boxing, and Karate, with a few bits and pieces from other styles to make a more effective martial art. Kickboxing is considered to be a solid base for competitors looking to do Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other competitive fighting styles.

Kickboxing is a complete workout as a result of this many students train kickboxing for the fitness training.  More and more adults are using martial arts as a cross-training activity in addition to learning to defend themselves.  Our classes will improve your cardiovascular system, tone your muscles, increase flexibility and also improve coordination. We also offer a one week free trial so you can see how much you like the class and what times, instructors and styles suit you best.

Please check our timetable for class times and locations around Brisbane click here

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