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Kickboxing for fun and fitness

Why Train Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a full body workout. Many of our students enroll in kickboxing to keep fit. The classes also help  improve your cardiovascular system, tone your muscles, increase flexibility and also improve coordination. 

We run classes both for kids and for adults and have classes pitched at different levels so there is something for everyone. To see our timetable please click [here]

If you would like to come along for a free week of trial classes please click [here]

Kids, Teens and Adults Classes 

We have Three types of programs within our academy that cater to all levels, age and goals. Our Kids Kickboxing Classes are aimed at children ages between 7 – 12. While our Teenagers class is aimed at training children 13 – 17 while also giving them the option of moving into the adults classes as well at the age of 15. 

Our Adults classes are split into two types, Beginner and intermediate classes. Beginner classes focus largely on the fundamentals of kickboxing and incorporate a range of fitness challenges, new techniques and pad work. Each week we change the topic and the type of training we do to keep things fresh and fun while we teach you the fundamentals of kickboxing

The intermediate classes are invite only classes, designed to push those who are looking to further their skills in kickboxing or looking for that extra challenge in their training.