Law Exam

    Which of the below is not an assualt?

    When confronted with a situation where the Jujitsu practitioner contemplates utilising his skills, which one of these does not need to be thought about when defending yourself?

    When aiding in self defence do you physically have to get involved?

    Once the person wishing to rely on self-defence as a defence in court raises it, the prosecution, in order to secure a conviction, must satisfy the jury (or magistrate) beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defence does not apply.

    Who wrote the paper on law and self defence?

    Can a person kill someone in self-defence legally?

    Is it legal in self defence to aid someone who is being attacked?

    Laws regarding self defence are the same in all states of Australia?

    Which of the below is not a level one reponse?

    Within our legal system, to meet the requirements of this type of scenario, we have two streams of justice - Criminal Law and Civil Law?

    When defending yourself are you legally required to warn an attacker that you train in the Martial Arts?

    You can legally defend yourself even though the attacker has not touched you?

    If you are convicted civically do you have to pay costs for pain and suffering?