Angelique Cugola

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Born and raised in Queensland I grew up in Yeppoon in Central Queensland.  Shortly after high school I met Matthew and soon after in 1994 we headed to Brisbane to start our life together.

I spent the first 4 years working with a shopping centre management firm at a number of shopping centres around Brisbane doing marketing. I followed this by working 2 years as a personal assistant to a Director and his team of sales agents at a top international commercial property firm.

Matthew and I married in 1999 and in 2001 had our first baby, Quinton.  A Few short years later had their next baby, Paige.  In 2005 Matthew decided to follow his life long dream of starting a full time Martial Arts academy and I assisted him in the background to start with as Paige was only 3 months old at the time. When Paige was about 1 (Quinn about 3 at the time), I took a more hands on position at Martial Arts Queensland assisting members/customer service off the mat at the academy in Toowong.

A few years on, Matthew and I decided that our family was not complete and along came Austin in 2008. I took a step back to behind the scenes again in head office so that I could work and juggle the kids.  We decided one more baby was needed and ended up with twins (didn’t see that coming) and we found ourselves in 2010 with 5 children, three under 14 months.  If we weren’t busy before we certainly were now.

So for the last few years I have juggled 5 kids (with Matthew’s help of course) and running the office.  It has been a great experience so far and I wouldn’t change a thing

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