Kyushin Ryu Class – 6/1/23


Techniques taught:

  • O Soto Gari – Major Outer Reaping
  • Straight Armlock Takedown

Below are videos for both O Soto Gari and the Straight Armlock Takedown showing how they are done within Kyushin Ryu. Next week we will be looking at these again and how to use them in a self-defense situation.

Below is also a drill we went through to help develop our O Soto Gari’s which some can be done at home by yourself.

Homework for next week!

  • Watch the videos for the techniques we went through
    • O Soto Gari
    • Ude-Gatame Takedown
    • O Soto Gari wall drill
  • Learn how to count in Japanese (up to 10)
    • Ichi
    • Ni
    • San
    • Shi
    • Go
    • Roku
    • Shichi
    • Hachi
    • Kyu/Ku
    • Ju
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