Kyushin Ryu Class – 20/1/23


Techniques taught:

  • Kesa Gatame (Scarf Holding)
  • Getting Past the legs
  • Turnover of a turtled opponent

At the start, we learned a new type of breakfall starting from the kneeling position. Eventually we will work up to the handstand and hopefully one day flipping into the breakfall.

Handstand Breakfall

This week we explored the category Ne Waza (Groundwork Techniques) with some basic methods of attacking someone either on their back or in a turtled position.

We also looked at a basic method of pinning someone on the ground called Kesa Gatame.

Kesa Gatame

Passing the Legs

1st Technique of the video is slightly different from how we performed it but the essence is the same.

Turtle Turnover


  • Revise the terminology of our 3 basic breakfalls
    • Ushiro Ukemi (rear breakfall)
    • Migi Yoko Ukemi (right side breakfall)
    • Hidari Yoko Ukemi (left side breakfall)
  • Learn the terminology for forward breakfall/dive
    • Mae Ukemi (front breakfall)

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