Kyushin Ryu Class – 27/1/23


Techniques taught:

  • Gyaku Zuki (Reverse Punch)
  • Yoko Geri (Side Kick)
  • Chudan Uke (Middle Block)

This week was your first dive into Atemi Waza (Striking Techniques). Within Kyushin Ryu you will learn both closed and open-hand strikes as well as the appropriate target areas to use them on.

Gyaku Zuki

Here are some drills to help you get better at Gyaku Zuki and improve the coordination of your body.

Yoko Geri (Side Kick)

Some drills to improve your flexibility with Yoko Geri

Chudan Uke (Middle Block)

Sometimes referred to as Chudan Soto Uke

Here are some uses for Chudan (Soto) Uke


  • Continue to learn your breakfalls in English & Japanese
  • Learn what these Japanese terms translate to in English:
    • Jodan
    • Chudan
    • Gedan
    • Ushiro
    • Ura
    • Mae
    • Tatami
    • Dojo

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