Kyushin Ryu Class – 3/2/23


Techniques Taught:

  • Ude Gatame – Straight Armlock from Kesa Gatame
  • Ude Garami – Bent Armlock from Kesa Gatame
  • Ashi Gatame – Straight Achilles-lock when opponent is on their back
  • Ashi Gatame – Straight Achilles-lock when opponent is on the stomach
  • Kubi-Kansetsu-Waza – Neck-locking Technique (Headlock) across the jawline

This week was all about Kansetsu-Waza (Joint-locking) Techniques. We looked at Ude-Kansetsu (Arm-locking), Ashi-Kansetsu (Leg-locking) and Kubi-Kansetsu (Neck-locking) techniques.

With Armlocks & Leglocks there are basic ways of performing a joint-lock:

  • Hyper-extension
    • Extending the joint past it’s range of movement.
  • Twisting
    • Rotating the joint out of the socket, dislocating it.
  • Cramping
    • Crushing the limb on top of itself while placing your own against the joint.

When performing joint-locks you must perform them at a reasonable speed as to 1. not hurt your training partner but also 2. get the effective application of the technique.

Below are videos of the techniques we went through. At the very bottom is some information about grading for Kyushin-Ryu.

Ude-Gatame from Kesa Gatame

Ude-Garami from Kesa Gatame

Ashi-Gatame (when opponent is on their back)

Ashi-Gatame when opponent is on their stomach

Kubi-Kansetsu across the jawline

Kyushin-Ryu Grading

For those that are interested in doing a Kyushin-Ryu grading which occurs at the end of every term here is some valuable information for you including times and requirements:

Dates for this Term gradings

  • Tuesday 21st March at Zillmere PCYC
    • Juniors 6pm
    • Seniors 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 22nd March at Zillmere PCYC
    • Juniors 6pm
    • Seniors 7.30pm
  • Thursday 23rd March at Pine Rivers PCYC
    • Juniors 6pm
    • Seniors 7.30pm


There are two age groups you all will either be in:

  • Juniors (10-13 yrs)
  • Seniors (14yrs+)

I have linked the grading requirements below for each of the ranks and ages below.

Junior Grading Summary

Senior Grading Summary

You can either start from the start and work your way up within the Kyushin-Ryu system if you wish you can look at getting reassessed. If you are looking at being reassessed then I suggest you wait a while until the new techniques you are learning get to a certain quality (the higher rank you are now the longer it will take to be reassessed – brown belts are looking at least a year). If you start form the start then you will be more than ready to attempt grading this term.

If you have any questions, please see me in person or you can email me below

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