Kyushin Ryu Class – 21/4/2023


Techniques Taught:

  • Kesa Gatame (Scarf Hold)
  • Ura Kesa Gatame (Back Scarf Hold)
  • Passing the legs (Pushing the legs to one side)


  • Controlling the ball with feet & toes
    • Rolling backward whilst controlling the ball
    • Passing the ball to another person
    • The above combined together
  • Attempting to touch the partner’s shoulders
    • Moving around them whilst they defend with arms and legs

Kesa-Gatame (Scarf Hold)

Key Points:

  • Firm grasp on your partners sleeve with both hands
  • Pull their arm tight across your body and pull your right hand in tight
  • Legs well spread for balance (right leg under their shoulder)
  • Move with the opponent when they try and escape

Ura-Kesa-Gatame (Back Scarf Hold)

Key Points:

  • Left Shoulder drives into their face to stop them from turning in
  • Left Leg tight against their arm trapping it
  • Right leg either:
    • Out straight and flat on the mat or,
    • Right knee against their hip
  • Opponent’s right arm (far arm)
    • Trapped to the left side of your head or,
    • On the right side with your head down tight

Passing of the legs

Key Points:

  • Grip pants, either side of the knee
  • If the opponent resists, force their legs over to the opposite side using their reaction
  • Keep the top leg in front of the bottom leg to trap in under
  • Keep hold as you move around to and secure the head
Firs technique in this video is very similar to what we did with minor differences

Drills & Exercises

Ball Control exercise

Passing the legs exercise

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