Kyushin Ryu Class – 24/2/23


Techniques Taught:

  • Kesa Gatame Escapes x2
    • Pulling Arm out
    • Rolling them over shoulder
  • 2 Holdings
    • Yoko Shiho Gatame (Side Four-Corner Holding)
    • Kami Shiho Gatame (Upper Four-Corner Holding)
  • 2 Strangles
    • Nami Juji Jime (Natural Cross Strangle)
    • Gyaku Juji Jime (Reverse Cross Strangle)

This week we looked into 2 different ways of escaping the Kesa Gatame position. We also learnt 2 new holdings; Yoko-Shiho & Kami-Shiho Gatame, as well as 2 new strangles; Nami-Juji & Gyaku-Juji Jime.

Kesa Gatame Escape no.1 (pulling arm out)

Kesa-Gatame Escape no.2 (roll-over)

Yoko-Shiho-Gatame (Side Four-Corner Holding)

Just be aware that the way Kyushin-Ryu does this is with the left arm over and under Uke’s left shoulder.

Kami-Shiho-Gatame (Upper Four-Corner Holding)

Nami-Juji-Jime (Natural Cross Strangle)

Gyaku Juji-Jime (Reverse Cross Strangle)

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