Kyushin Ryu Class – 3/3/23


Techniques taught:

  • Oi Zuki – Lunge Punch
  • Mae Tobi Geri – Flying Front Kick
  • Gedan Barai – Downward Swing
  • Revised Rear Hammerlock / Rear Arm Entanglement

We explored striking or Atemi-Waza this week and learned 2 new strikes as well as a new block:

Oi-Zuki (Lunge Punch)

This is a good punch if you need to cover distance quickly, unlike Gyaku-Zuki which is more of a power punch.

Mae-Tobi-Geri (Flying Front Kick)

Mae-Tobi-Geri is the Oi-Zuki equivalent of kicking. It’s great to cover distance quickly but it can also be quite powerful when done correctly.

Gedan-Barai (Downward Swing)

Gedan-Barai is one of the more iconic blocks that you’ll see in Karate. It is effective and blocking forward strikes that are aimed towards the abdomen (i.e. kicks to the groin or punches to the solar plexus).


This week I want you to have a think of different target areas on the body you could delivers your strikes to (including but not limited to: nose, eyes, groin, etc.). Target Areas are places on the body where you can deal the most damage with the least amount of effort.

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