Kyushin Ryu Class – 13/1/23


Techniques taught:

  • O Soto Gari (Major Outer Reaping) from Front Bearhug under the arms
  • Ude Gatame Takedown from Outside Wrist Grip
  • Okuri Eri Jime (Sliding Lapel Strangle) – pure technique
  • Sankaku Jime (Triangle Strangle) – From between the legs

This week we went through the application of O Soto Gari & the Ude Gatame (Straight Armlock) Takedown for Self Defence. Within Kyushin Ryu there are 3 Levels of Defence:

  • Level 1
    • Release & Withdraw
  • Level 2
    • Release & Retaliate (Standing Restraint or Strike)
  • Level 3
    • Dislodgment from a standing position to a point of disadvantage on the ground
    • Finishing with a strike or restraint on the ground

We also went through 2 Strangles; Okuri Eri Jime & 1 variation of Sankaku Jime. There is a difference between Chokes & Strangles and within Kyushin Ryu we do not practice Chokes. Chokes attack the trachea and strangles attack the carotid arteries. Ensure when applying strangles you are not placing pressure on their throat.

Below are two videos to help you remember the two strangles.

Okuri Eri Jime

Sankaku Jime


Learn 3 Basic Breakfalls in Japanese & English

  • Ushiro Ukemi
    • Rear Breakfall
  • Migi Yoko Ukemi
    • Right Side Breakfall
  • Hidari Yoko Ukemi
    • Left Side Breakfall

Revise counting in Japanese 1-10

*See previous lesson summary for material or google it

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